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One Vial - Part Three

Part One - Part Two

Rating: R
Warnings: Lots of Angel & Faith spoilers, sexual situations
Words: 1536
A/N: I’ve played around with this a lot and initially planned on just writing something completely OOC for pure fun and then rewriting it with an alternate scene, but then it became more and more in character, so I just decided to go with that, keep it the way it is, and have the events here be a major plot point. Also, let me know if the rating needs to be upped. I think I kept it to R, but I never know. Sidenote: I’m considering writing an extended version of the last part as a writing exercise, but it won’t matter to the story.

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angel + faith

One Vial - Part Two

Part One can be found here.

Timeline: almost immediately following Angel & Faith issue #3
Rating: PG
Characters: Faith, Angel, mentions of Pearl, Nash, and Nadira
Warnings: Lots of Angel & Faith spoilers
Words: 834
A/N: I’m too amused by this concept to not write more, so here you go. I have no clue whether this will turn into something interesting or will just be my Angel & Faith angst-and-fluff-a-thon, but hopefully you enjoy it!


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angel + faith

One Vial - Part One

Timeline: almost immediately following Angel & Faith issue #3
Rating: PG? (I never know what to rate these things, but there is no sex or cursing in this fic.)
Characters: Faith, Angel, mentions of Pearl and Nash
Warnings: Lots of Angel & Faith spoilers and sososososo much angst
Words: 716
A/N: I may turn am turning this into a multi-chaptered Fangel fic that veers off of canon. I just needed to write this oneshot for now to hold me over until #4. :) Also, salvage_5x5 deserves some of the credit for this idea. I think she mentioned something similar potentially happening in one of our conversations about #3.

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Why I ship Spuffy AND Fangel.

Spuffy and Fangel, having meaningful rooftop conversations since fall 2011.

(I’ve been in a meta-y mood lately and I’ve been wanting to write something about these four for a while now.)

Personally, I don’t see how you can ship one without the other. Yeah, Spuffy was explored a lot more in canon (and in fanfiction), but these two pairings have so many similarities, it’s unbelievable. Even if one doesn’t like the romantic aspects of the relationships, you can’t help but notice the parallels or how good Spike & Buffy and Angel & Faith are for each other, even as friends.

So because I love parallels so much, here are a ton:

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Reunion Chapter List/Introduction

Summary: Ever wonder why Spike, Buffy, Angel, Willow, Faith, Illyria, etc. split up across the country/world and seem to have taken on completely new identities? What does this mean for the fate of the world when there's a rumored appocolypse in 2012 and no one to stop it? Since Spike is the only one with any of his personality or memory left, it's up to him to track everyone down and figure out what's going on.
Universe(s): Buffyverse, Dollhouse, Bones, HIMYM, Ringer, Torchwood, & more (eventually)!
Characters: Spike (Captain John Hart), Buffy (Bridget Kelly), Faith (Echo), Angel (Seeley Booth), Willow (Lily Aldrin), Illyria (Whiskey), Dr. Temperance Brennen, Andrew Martin, Marshall Eriksen, Adelle DeWitt, Topher Brink, Paul Ballard, & more!
Pairing(s): Spike/Buffy for the most part with some Bridget(Buffy)/Andrew, Booth(Angel)/Brennen, and Lily(Willow)/Marshall in the background.
Rating: PG(-13?)
Number of Chapters: 2
Last Updated: 10/02/2011
Disclaimer: All characters and universes belong to their respective creators. This is just for fun. :)
Spoilers: All of BtVS, Ats, and Dollhouse. Bones through season 6. HIMYM through season 6. Torchwood through season 2. Ringer through episode 3 (potentially more, but you should watch it so it won't spoil anything).
Author’s Note: This will be a major crossover fic, but it takes place in the Buffyverse, so the only knowledge necessary to understanding it is what happened in BtVS and Ats while they were on TV. I'll make lots of references to things in the comics and on the mentioned TV shows, but nothing should be considered part of this story unless it's explicitly stated in the text. Also, I'm going to have to modify a few pieces of canon for most of the shows, including BtVS and Ats to make the story work, but I'll make those changes known as they're important either in Author's Notes or the story text.

List of Chapters:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2